The horoscope 2018 tells you where to travel

The horoscope 2018 tells you where to travel

Have you already defined your goals for the new year? I have just one and today I’ll reveal it to you: travel as much as you can and more. Do you have the same goal? Well, do not stop reading this article because here you will discover your horoscope for 2018: tell me which sign you are and I will tell you where you have to travel in 2018!
It’s never too early to think about your vacations in 2018. In my travel book I have already written the travel trends of 2018, but this year I will choose it in a different way and I think you should try too, go where your Zodiac sign takes you!

1. FIRE: ARIES, LEO, SAGITTARIUS – adventurous trips

As a sign of fire, I define myself as a dynamic and adventurous person. In my group of friends there are several Sagittarians so I always have so many feats to tell, yes … we love everyone to tell everyone what to do and sometimes it is a bit difficult to reach an agreement with us. However, what we always agree about is that while traveling together we seek for freedom and adrenaline.

For an adventurous vacation you do not need to go far because for sure there are great places near your home, but if you cannot think of anything exciting … take a note of these!

What do you think of renting a scooter in Tenerife for searching for new adventures? The fire of your sign perfectly matches the fire of the volcanoes of this island, which can be reached by a scooter without any problem. Also, if you like hiking here is the place for that, so take an advantage!

2. WATER: CANCER, SCORPIO, PISCES – the big cities

The water signs are the sweetest people I know! Emotional and sensitive, this year your horoscope advises you to go to one of the most beautiful capitals of Europe, where you can enjoy unforgettable landscapes.

In addition, it says that your 2018 will be full of photos of the most beautiful panoramas in the world and that you will all your friends jealous with your posts on social networks …

What does your horoscope say? That you need to go in search of cities that are famous for their beautiful landscapes, for example, Lisbon. Have you ever heard of the viewpoints of Lisbon? My favorite is the Porta do Sol. From here you will have the best view of Alfama which you will never forget. Do you want to know what else you can do during your visit to Lisbon? Check out the 10 places to visit in Lisbon here, we always know how to help you!

3. AIR: GEMINI, LIBRA, AQUARIUM – having fun

Some of my best friends is Gemini and her best feature is that when I go out with her to party, we always end up making friends around the club … she loves to talk and meet new people! Dear air signs, you are very communicative and sociable … but boys, do not take it bad if for a second you are not the center of attention! 😛

For those who like people and movement, your prediction may not be more obvious: the nightlife of Barcelona is waiting for you! Now you can start imagining yourself walking the streets of Barceloneta and looking for the most trendy bars in the city surrounded by new friends. The Catalan capital will know how to offer you the best bars and places to have a good time.

Another option for your sign is Madrid, going out in Madrid will be a unique experience. If you want art you can go to the Prado Museum, if you want shopping you can go to the most famous market San Miguel, or if you want to relax we suggest you take a walk through the Retiro Park. This city there has everything, you will find whatever you are looking for sure.


In my family out of 8 people, there are 5 Taurus and 1 Virgo. I am always surrounded by earth signs! Do you belong to any of these signs? Well, your characteristics are conservative and realistic, but at the same time very emotional and romantic. Therefore, your horoscope and I advise you to choose a romantic trip, where you can relax with someone important as it is one of the things you like most, right?

When I think of traveling as a couple, I always think of a vacation in Paris because … what can be better than city walks hand in hand and a romantic dinner by candlelight? Yes, Paris is the perfect city. In addition, as a good sign of earth you will end up in love with the neighborhood of Montmartre, where you will find lots of painters who can make your couple portrait you have always wanted to have.

Your horoscope also advises you to visit another perfect city for a romantic getaway: Rome. What to visit in Rome? I visited it alone alone, but for sure with someone of these signs as a company I would have had a better time.
Making a stop at the Coliseum is an obligation, as well as in the catacombs and the Roman Forum. But also try something different like the Mouth of Truth: the legend tells that, if you put your hand inside the mouth and tell a lie, the mouth will bite it off!

Did you like the horoscope for 2018? I hope so, because this is what the stars have planned for you. Now you just need to start planning your trip and enjoy the most beautiful places of our earth.

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