The 5 best free applications for travelling

The 5 best free applications for travelling

In general, we can say that there are different profiles of travelers. There are the “organized”, the “less organized” and the “adventurous”. We can also include in this category the “lazy” 🙂 . Organized travelers like to plan and outline the entire trip before the big way. They do not like surprises and especially bad ones; everything must be considered in advance. On the other hand, we have the “adventurers” (or the lazy ones 🙂 ) who do the opposite. They buy their plane tickets, book the accommodation and that’s it. Everything else will be done during the fly or once in the destination. No matter if you are an “organized” traveler or an “adventurer”, the small list of the 5 best free apps (for iOS and Android) is here to help you.

Travel App Box:

Are you interested in a Swiss Army Knife? When you travel it is obvious that you cannot take everything with you. Well, it’s true that today the phone-loaded-you can have access to significant amount of information. However, I would like to tell you about an application that will be very useful for you during your next trip. So, I present the Travel App Box! As I already told you, this application is a real Swiss army knife: currency changer, route planner, list of emergency numbers, dictionary of common phrases, subway plans, information on the status of the flight in progress, etc. Almost all the tools are accessible even without Internet connection. Whom do we thank? 🙂 (iOS)


The time to pack your suitcase for your trip is always exciting! Can you imagine wearing this beautiful floral dress you bought 3 months ago especially for these holidays? Imagining your upcoming vacation is the best thing in the world. However, this mood of impatience and emotions can sometimes make us lose our heads and forget about half the things we want to take away. If you do not want to forget anything, Packpoint is made for you. This application will automatically generate the list of items that you have to put in your suitcase. And how does it do this? You just need to put your destination, the dates, the duration of your stay, your activities … And with all this information, the application can provide you a list adapted to your trip. If you find items that you consider unnecessary or missing, you can always edit this list. But, in any case, that will be the basis for preparing your suitcase. Do not end up in London without your umbrella or in Ibiza without your swimsuit 🙂 (iOS and Android).

Monument Tracker:

Sometimes you find yourself in front of a monument that you thought you knew because you saw it in school books, on TV, etc. But do you know the monument in front of you? Its story? Its age? Probably most of the time, no. That´s one of those moments when we can feel a little bit silly. Well, so that this embarrassing moment never happens again and above so that you know the history of the places, I present you Monument Tracker :). This application is simply great! I have become a fan of it and I use it a lot when traveling. Seeing a great monument is nice, but knowing it is much better. Monument Tracker is an application that will give you some cultural spirit during your routes and trips.
Thanks to the geolocation system of Monument Tracker, the application detects the historical monuments close to you and tells you the history of each of them. This application currently has 100 destinations, but each week the developers add new destinations to the list. So much culture in hand is wonderful! No more complex maps and books! (iOS and Android).


Do you have to find the bathroom urgently? Are you one of those who pees every hour? Here is the application that, in these situations, will save your life. It’s called FLUSH and it will allow you to detect all the public toilets around you and without a need of Internet connection. I’m sure you did not think that this style of applications existed, but we have to admit this application can be very useful. Thanks to Flush, we will never find you again in S _ _ _. 🙂


The last application for me is an extremely intelligent tool that I always use when traveling by car. Let’s be honest, we are addicted to mobile phones, we literally cannot leave them for more than 5 minutes. If this happens, our fingers quickly start to tremble. But, in some situations it is essential to leave them. For example, when we are driving. We all have “urgent” messages while driving. We always think we have control it, but these are small actions that can sometimes cost us our lives.

SMARTPHONERS is an application created to reward drivers who drive well, that is, those who do not touch their phone while driving. The best drivers will be rewarded with many awards 🙂 . The goal of SMARTPHONERS is to avoid dangerous behavior during short or long car trips. Are you not interested in a competition for everyone’s safety ?

Well now that you have the list of the best free and useful applications in the world, do not waste a minute and go discover another city, another country or another world!

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