10 places to visit in ROME with LOVE, do not miss it!

10 places to visit in ROME with LOVE, do not miss it!

Not sure if I mentioned it before but I love to play with words and letters. One of my hobbies is while driving a car or a scooter pointing out the license plates of other vehicles and to create phrases with the letters… yes, maybe it is quite “geeky“, but I have a good time although no one shares my hobby.

So, one Friday I got back home and found a note ¨a round trip to LOVE¨… my mind completed the idea. Immediately I came up with an idea to spend a weekend in ROME. My boy and me…this seemed to be so romantic. Well, even more than that!

I had never been there before and before starting to tell you about 10 places to visit in Rome I will be a big Spoiler and tell you that it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world (at least for me).

1. Trevi Fountain

You can say that it is a huge fountain in Baroque style and there is nothing to do but enjoy walking through the three streets (tre vie) which lead to and give a name to the most famous fountain in the city…and even in the world. But if there is something more special than walking there hand in hand with your boy during the evening and with a delicious Italian ice-cream. The only ¨but¨, so you don´t think that everything is perfect and romantic, I could not emulate the dance of Marcello Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg from ¨La Dolce Vita¨ movie by Federico Fellini.

2. The Romanian Colosseum

My boyfriend is very wonderful but what happens is that UNESCO has not realized it yet. The year 2007 the Roman Coliseum was declared as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and my boy got nothing, waiting … with all how modern he is. And it is something that must have to be an amphitheater, already was declared a Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 1980. Nothing but walking into it transports you to the era of the Roman Empire and gladiator fights.

If your weekend in Rome aims to be supercultural and you are passionate about monuents and museums, do it with a touristic card, it will cost you way less. There are various options, but here I leave you for comparing the prices and making your mind.

3. City of Vatican

Even thou it cost a bit to understand, Vatican City is a walled enclave and the smallest country in the world. Yes, and it is in Rome. Located in the middle of the city, it is where Rome´s main center of Catholicism is taking place, it is a place where the Pope is staying and where the Holy See is located (as the headquarters of the Catholic Church).

Inside the Vatican City we can see all those places we have heard many many times. Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel, one of the parts of the palace where the Pope lives and dome which is one of the works of Michelangelo. As well is where the conclave is taking place, finally, is a place from where the church headers decide if the ¨smoke¨ has to be white or black when the new Pope comes.

4. Mouth of Truth

If you are, like Carla or Valery, also taking potos of everything possible (including coffee you are going to drink) and continue publishing it in Instagram, this is a place you cannot skip.

This is Moth of Truth (la Boca de la Verdad). According to the legend if you put your hand inside the mouth and tell a lie, it will bite… I tried it with my bf and the Mouth of Truth says that his love to me is infinite and eternal 😉

5. Plaza Navona

You can go back home without learning how to make pizza dough but what I am sure about is that you cannot skip Navona Square, one of the most magical places of Rome. Full of the charming restaurants where you can try the real authentic Italian pizza and street artists who give “that touch” that makes you feel a hero of a romantic movie.

And now to go forward try an italian ice-cream aka ¨gelatto italiano¨. My personal recommendation – enjoy it at Gelatto per Passione.

6. Trastevere

If you are a foodie lover, a gourmet, if you comprehend food pairing with designations of origin, you favorite corner of Rome will be Trastevere. A smooth neighborhood with bohemian charm. Get lost there and get seduced by authentic gastronomy…with the excelent Italian vines, olive oils, and the finest “embutido” and parmigiano cheese.

Ah, and in the mid-evening a unique experience with shopping at vintage shops in the narrow streets of Trastevere.

7. Villa Borghese gardens

The Hyde Park or the Central Park of Rome. A perfect balance of Roman art and nature which make ¡s this urban park an inescapable place to see during your visit in Rome. If for you a holiday is a synonym of relax … let´s chill!

8. Piazza di Spagna or Spanish Steps

It is normal that in all the Spanish cities exists a Piazza España, so in Rome it has a place to be as well. Thereby we felt like at home. They call it Piazza di Spagna and while you are touring around Rome you will realize that you have found one of the most beautiful staircases you have ever seen. A nice place to have a short break sitting on the stairs and enjoy the moment. Especially if you have just finished a shopping session at Via di Condotti – the most ample shopping street in the city.

9. Catacombs

Yes, this is one of the places to visit in Rome although you cannot find any Roman art or breathtaking landscapes there. There is a hidden spot with the mysterious underground tunnels. Choose the time and explore the underground art, the Roman Catacombs. Click here to know how to get there!

10. Roman Forum

There are two musts in Rome: Coliseum and Roman Forum. The neuralgic point of the city, where day-to-day life and religious life were carried out. For a long time, this place was prohibited for visits but now, after an intensive restauration we can get to know the area while visiting the Via Sacra, Arco de Tito, La Curía

Herewith these 10 places to visit in Rome I had one of the best trips in my life. For sure I had the best accompany ever but now I understand even more clearly the essence of my word game: Rome without Love is not the same. Would be something similar to Carla without credit card in Milan,right?

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