Our unbelievable tips for your summer 2018

Our unbelievable tips for your summer 2018

Spring has just arrived, and it has brought all the good stuff like the sun, the warm weather, the trees with coloured flowers… but also it has made me more hungry all day long, more sleepy and it reminds me that the holidays are close! Don’t you feel the same?

Yep, the moment has arrived, we must think about our summer 2018 holidays, and we have to start planning where to go and what to do. Choose the destination that suits the best to your needs. To help you in this, I prepared my top list and for sure you will find here what you need: ideas for weekends in Europe, destinations for adventures or for solo travellers … you only have to choose.

I only have one single rule: this summer just relax, put your favorite music on and enjoy your trip.


Holidays in Balearic island

At the top of my top list you will find my favorite place in Europe: the Balearic island.

This place is very famous between youngsters and adults, and all of them agreed in one thing: Balearic is the best place to enjoy fun, culture, sun, seaside and relax.

My favorite place is Formentera, a quiet and wonderful island where you won’t find so many tourists as in Ibiza. Laying in one of its beaches, I can relax and the best way to do that is drink a cocktail after a day of sunbathing, sunburn and swimming.

Arriving to Formentera is simple, and if you follow my advice you won’t be tired of finding the best way to move. The solution is renting in advance a ferry boat to Formentera from Ibiza. Yes, you’re welcome.

Do you suffer seasickness? Don’t worry, just say “bye bye” to your friends who are going to leave you alone in Ibiza and have fun in Formentera, and don’t be sad, you also are going to have fun in the funniest island in the world.

Do you like the adventure? Es Cavallet beach is the perfect place to try a new adventure, and this is the secret: this is the most famous nude beach in the island… do you dare to go there? If yes, pay attention to the sunburn at the end of the day…

The sun and the beaches can be very tiring, what do you think? Well, nights are made for have fun and relax, so put your clothes on and dive into the crowd of tourists drinking in one of the two most famous bar of Ibiza: bar Bora Bora or Café del Mar. Sitting here will give you the chance to see a beautiful landscape and to get to know other people. It’s time to have fun!


Trips to European capitals

The noisy crowd, the music, the beach… these aren’t exactly your favorite hobbies, are they? Well, summer is not only sea-sun-love, but also a chance to do what we really like to do. If you are not into beach vacations, your perfect trip will be to one of the European capitals.

I have to admit, my favorite cities are the ones that can help me to earn some money, so I can enjoy other stuff like.. shopping.

The low cost destination that is going to get you amazed is Lisbon. Is this your first time in this city? Hurry up, your goal in 2018 is planning an unforgivable trip to this city.  Once you arrived, the first thing to do is sitting in the 28 tram. All the tourists love this tram, because sitting here without moving, will give you the possibility to see all the most significant places of the city, and you will be able to take amazing pictures and see your Instagram followers growing…

After the tram, it’s time to move! Visit the Belem tower, the symbol of Lisbon, UNESCO World Heritage Site. After that, keep on walking until you reach Alfama, the most characteristic area of Lisbon, and if you have time, stop to have a beer in one of its typical pubs. The time you will spend here it won’t be wasted at all, take all the time you need, and after that, go to Sao Jorge castle. Here you will enjoy the most wonderful view of the city, don’t forget your camera!


Holidays for 2 hearts

Planning romantic holidays is a good idea, not only during summer. That’s why my number 3 of the top list are two of my favorite romantic cities. Your sweet half of the apple will fall in love even more.

For sure, the most romantic of all the romantic cities is Paris. There isn’t a perfect season to go there. Every time I visit the city I discover new places and new characteristics that make this city even more beautiful. My last trip in Paris was a few time ago, and if you are curious about my visit, you can read here all my advices. Parental advisory: it will be a very romantic post.

Another city you have to visit, at least once in your lifetime with your partner, is Roma. The city where you can smell the real dolce vita and vacanze romane atmosphere will surprise you and your partner if you know what to do. And I’m here for this, to give you all my precious proposals.

Start your day with the most romantic thing: walk hand in hand though the small roads of the historic city centre and stop at Trevi fountain. Here you have to throw a coin into the water and think about a dream you want to come true. And the best thing is to do this with your partner, there are lots of couples who made the promise of eternal love here.

Doo you need to rest a little big after walking all day but you don’t want to waste time and miss things to see? Well, the Teere ferry is perfect! You will sit quietly here and in the meantime, you will cruise through the river and you will be able to see an amazing view of all the city.

When the sun starts to go down, Gianicolo is the perfect spot to taste a good aperitivo italiano. Look at the skyline can be very romantic. Romanticism makes me hungry, don’t you? Trastevere is the neighbourhood where to have your dinner. Its restaurants are the typical trattorie, you have to try them.

This is my top 3, you only have to choose what you expect from your holidays. The most important thing is travelling with enthusiasm and to be ready to discover new things. And you, where are you going this summer? Tell me!

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